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Things to Download

These files can be downloaded by clicking on the links following the description. After saving them to your local drive, use and unzipping utility like PKZIP to unzip them.

Setup 1.0

Setup 1.0 is a tiny installation utility for windows programs. I have released it into the public domain. The zip file includes the source code.

X-Ray 1.0

X-Ray is an interactive game of hide-and-seek. You must determine the location of a set of objects within a closed box by observing the behavior of X-rays launched into the edges of the box. Download and run setup to install. See README.TXT and on-line help for more details.

X-Ray 1.0 Source Code

This file contains the source code for the X-Ray game above. You can modify this as you like or use it as the base for a new game. You will need "Borland Turbo C++ for Windows" to compile the source code.

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