Imming Home -> About is the result of a sequence of unfortunate events.

  1. My ISP, Charter Business, decided that my guaranteed rate no longer included e-mail service or web space. Contrary to what I may have assumed from receiving a monthly bill, those service had been provided for free for all these years. I could, however, change my service to restore e-mail and web space for a mere 87% increase in my rate. Just so you know that they're not completely heartless, they told me they were really, really, sorry about the misunderstanding.
  2. Kim Hyeonsuk and Choi Sungyeon, both of Korea, are squatting on my two first-choice of domain names. Mr. Sungyeon did reply to my inquiry, but the U.S. $9600 he requested was too rich for my taste.

Enough is enough, Earth is getting just a bit too crazy so I decided to go off-Earth and move my web presence to

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