Star Trek: The Next Generation Ė The Missing Pop Bumper Cap


It seems strange that Williams didnít create a pop bumper cap for the lower pop bumper on Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Iím pretty sure it was a cost issue, and to be honest it really doesnít show that much, but I created one anyway.


Since there may be others that want to add this, Iíve captured the template to cut one out.  This will save you the trial-and-error to get the right clearance under the Beta ramp.  Just print the template out full size and set the new pop bumper cap (Williams part number 03-8254-9) on top to mark the cut-out.  I used a Sharpie.

Here is a pointer to a scan of the template that you can print at 100% to get an actual size template:  pop_bumper_cutout.tif


I cut the notch out with a hack saw and then sanded an angle of about 45 degrees on the cut edge that is under the ramp.


If you have any questions you can e-mail me at


- Kerry


A view of the complete pop bumper cap:


And a top view:


 Hereís a view of the installed pop bumper cap:



And a view from playfield level:


One key thing to notice is that the red from the new pop bumper top shows through the Beta ramp.


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